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Duration 17:34 min 

Director by Sao Tanaka

Story by Wanxin Wu

My stop-motion animation

video, Discordance,

explores the relationship

between the mediated

information about others

that we receive indirectly,

how we experience them

personally, and who we

believe they are.

Discordance depicts a story

based on whom I have

known since childhood. The

animation shows glimpses of

her life from when she was a

teenager to her later

marriage and motherhood.

This short film is based on a

conversation between Sao

Tanaka and Wanxin Wu to

digest and analysis one of

Sao's intimate person

experiences. Sao wrote

each scene's details, and

Wanxin composed and

edited those narratives as

one sequence story.

It represents the border of

reality, and the surreal

around us became vague

through others' information

and memories. The

Discordance has been

assembled by gathering

personal fragments of

information about the

directors' acquaintance,

pictures of the person and

their house, their recorded

voice, the director's memory

of them, conversations with

their family, rumors, and

some speculation about by

the people around them.

The masks the characters

not only impede their

identification and keep them

anonymous, but they raise

the question of personhood,

as the etymological meaning

of the word "person"

(persona) is precisely

(theatrical) mask. The

images of the background

and characters are printed

on mulberry paper. Utilizing

the transparency of the

papers, the images were